Some businesses have a higher than average exposure to worker injury. The costs of workers compensation insurance can be reduced and controlled when a company knows how to properly utilize loss prevention techniques. We know how to do it the right way.

Commercial Auto

We can assure proper protection for commercial vehicles and equipment.

Liability represents the greatest exposure to loss for any company. Transferring that risk to an insurance carrier is a great step in protecting the business. But, knowing how to avoid losses from liability claims can reduce the costs of doing business.


We assess exposure and assure proper protection.

Workers Compensation

We will provide you with a written evaluation of potential savings.

Insurance specialists

Insurance Services


Our agency specializes in business insurance only. We work with companies to reduce their costs of doing business. By leveraging our risk management expertise, we assist companies in realizing significant annual savings.

Liability Ins



We evaluate - then protect you against liability losses.


Workers Comp



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